Hotel Zed

Hotel Zed is one of the newest hotels in Tofino, located a few kilometers south of town. We have not stayed here, but have checked it out inside as we have had breakfast and coffee in their restaurant, Roar.

Zag Hotel, Tofino BC

The hotel’s exterior is a burst of colors and retro vibes, setting the tone for a playful and laid-back atmosphere. Inside, guests are greeted by funky, retro and modern decor, reflecting the spirit of Tofino’s surf culture. The rooms are stylishly designed, with comfortable amenities and a touch of whimsy that adds character to the overall experience.

In addition to its comfortable accommodations, Hotel Zed offers unique amenities like a retro photo booth, complimentary bikes to explore the surroundings, and a vibrant communal lounge area where guests can connect and unwind.

Hotel Zed also has locations in Victoria and Kelowna.

Hotel Zed interior photo.