Clive Coffee – Portland, OR

[one_half] 79 SE Taylor St #100
Portland, OR 97214

(800) 520-2890

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Clive Coffee is a unique place that you must stop into if you’re in or near downtown Portland.  Originally, we thought it was your typical coffeehouse slash espresso bar.  Au contraire.

Clive Coffee is a temple to coffee.  From espresso machines, to coffee brewers, equipment, supplies, etc.  Clive is THE place to go, not just in Portland, but probably anywhere in the US.  From mid-range to high end, if it’s a quality espresso maker or brewing device, Clive has it.

Everything is displayed much like you were purchasing a fine imported automobile.  The machines are polished and glistening.  Displayed like works of art.  Which many are.  Clive does also sell their own beans.  A nice selection of beans from various regions around the world.  As you review the coffee equipment, you can test their coffees in various machines.

What surprised us most, is how long people linger.  This is really a unique experience and if you’re in to coffee, this is your place.  The staff is extremely knowledgeable and very friendly.  It’s worth your time.

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