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Specialty: Homes, apartments, flats and condo's worldwide that you can rent for your vacation. Website: We've used VRBO several times, both for domestic and international vacation rentals.  We've had great luck each and every time.  Renting houses or flats make sense for longer…

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Specialty: Individual and travel size items for just about anything. [Rating: 4/5] Website: If you’re looking for small, travel sized personal care/hygiene items, Minimus probably has one of the largest selections out there.  If it’s made in travel size, they’ll have…

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Specialty: All things travel and outdoor. [Rating: 3.5/5] Website: Retail Locations: Throughout the US The main thing REI has going for it is access to almost everything made by major outdoor clothing or travel gear manufacturer.  It doesn’t come cheap, as…

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Specialty: Travel & athletic clothing, outdoor gear, camping gear [Rating: 3.5/5] Website: Retail Location: Paramus, NJ From time to time, Campmor has great deals on anything travel related.  Some of their gear isn’t any cheaper than you can find elsewhere,…

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Specialty: Clothing, shoes, outdoor gear. [Rating: 4.5/5] Website: You can’t beat Gilt for high-end brand name clothing for men, women or kids.  We discovered Gilt about a year ago, have made many orders and always pleased with the results.  Note that…

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Specialty: Just about everything. [Rating: 4/5] Website: You can rarely beat Amazon for selection or price on most things you’ll need for travel.  From clothing  and travel gear, to electronics and books, Amazon always comes through.  We estimate that we…

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Flight 001

Specialty: Travel related - Luggage, bag tags, packing accessories, wallets, adapters, travel gadgets, etc. [Rating:3.5/5] Website: Retail locations: Berkely, San Francisco, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Chicago  and Sydney. Flight 001 is expensive.  No doubt about it.  Their selection is somewhat limited.  So,…

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