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Waze is the perfect app when traveling by car.  It makes navigating city streets or roads in wide open spaces quicker and easier.  Best of all, it saves time and keeps your stress level down.

Waze is a crowd-sourced mapping and traffic app the runs on iPhone or Android.  The crowd-sourcing component makes it’s data very reliable and current.  Traveling home from work and an accident occurs, no problem.  Waze captures speed, road conditions and traffic data from other Waze users who are currently using the app.  Waze works in many countries around the globe, so you can use it at home or when you travel.

We’ve been using Waze at home and while traveling since the first of the year. Waze started in 2008 and is now owned by Google.

It’s maps are extremely accurate and current.  Temporary road closures almost always appear in Waze.   So do things like restricted turn lanes at certain times of day.  It really is amazing how accurate it is.  It’s very good at automatically rerouting you around traffic problems and estimating your time of arrival.  Almost every time, Waze is accurate to within 2-3 minutes.  You can even share your route with friends via email or text message, so they can track your progress at getting to your destination.

Another key aspect of traveling by car is finding the best price on fuel.  Waze has you covered.  Just as real-time traffic information is crowd-sourced, so are fuel prices.  It’s an easy way to find the cheapest fuel prices on any route you’re traveling.

Of course, there’s another component to Waze.  The ability for users to earn points.  The more points you earn, you get upgraded badges to show your stature in the Waze user community.  You can easily see how you rank among other drivers in your state, county or country.  You can earn bonus points for reporting traffic information, accidents, road hazards, gas prices and more.

We love Waze.  The best part is, it’s free!  You can try it now, by downloading it from the App Store on iTunes.


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