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United 1K, “The Merger” & Double Qualifying Miles

As some of you may know, most of us are based in Denver, one of United’s larger hubs. So, in order to make traveling easy, we try to fly United as much as possible. For us, that’s almost always. With competitors Southwest and Frontier, it does help to keep United’s fares “in check” for the most part, so there really isn’t much price differential between airlines. Over the years we’ve been Premier, Premier Exec and now have been 1K for the past few years on United. If you’re not familiar with United lingo, those are the main three upper tiers of their frequent flyer program. We’ve been wondering how does the merger with Continental affect us? Well, so far we don’t see any “pitfalls”. While United probably has a slight advantage in FF program details, Continental probably wins in the service department. While UA’s service has improved a lot over the past couple of years, it’s still not the same as the experience we’ve had in the past on Continental. We’ve been waiting for a “double miles” promotion to solidify our 1K status for another year. We’re still waiting…. The past couple of years, American and United have both had fall promotions to help their frequent flyers gain status for another year. We can make status without a promotion, but unfortunately that means a mileage run. Now, maybe United will not have a promotion this year as a way to “cull the heard” with the addition of a gaggle of Continental flyers. Or, maybe their just making us wait till the last minute so they can maximize seat revenue. Who knows, but we’re keeping a close eye and ear to the ground to find out when and if a promotion appears.

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  • by lbreitma
    Posted October 31, 2010 21:25 0Likes

    Did anything change in terms of any EQM bonuses for 2010? I am going to be very and it’s frustrating that United is offering less of everything (EQM, service), charging more and still expecting loyalty?

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