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Playlist #3 – February 2010

Our Song – The Spill Canvas – I’m not quite sure why this song never took off when it was released in Spring of 2010.  Just another great song from a highly under-rated band.

Stand by the Jams – The KLF – From their 1991 album, The White Room and featuring vocals from the late Tammy Wynette.  The song was #11 on the US Billboard Chart and #1 in 18 countries.

Heaven Help Us – Deon Estus –  While this song was popular in 1989, it wasn’t available on iTunes until the past few months.  Deon Estus was a bassist for Wham!, followed by a long stint with George Michael, who sang background vocals on this song.  The song was as high as #5 on the Billboard Singles chart.

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