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South Korea Trip Overview

Trip Statistics

Trip [Rating:3.5/5]       Trip Length: 7 Days (3 Days Travel/4 Days Touring)     Travel Dates: Late May

While we never originally had any specific plans to visit South Korea, an introductory airfare special from United put this country on our radar.

South KoreaWe were amazed at how large Seoul really was. The people here were very friendly, although it is far more difficult here than any other Asian countries to find middle aged and older citizens who speak English. We were also surprised at how clean and orderly things are here.

Overall, we enjoyed our time here, from the tours to the DMZ to our short flight to Jeju off of the south coast of the Korean peninsula. Our only regret was that it was too short of a trip to see everything we wanted to see.


Day 1 Travel To South Korea
Day 2 Travel To South Korea
Day 3 Tour DMZ & Travel to Jeju
Day 4 Jeju
Day 5 Jeju
Day 6 Seoul
Day 7 Travel to US

Last modified: January 2, 2014