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United Changes Seating Configuration

Starting June 9, 2011, United is changing seating configuration on it’s A319, A320 and 757 aircraft. The change in seating configuration is on how the rows are numbered. All exit rows will now be numbered 20 and 21. So, if the row ahead of 20 is 11, the exit row is still 20 and the numbering will continue forward from there. And, don’t go looking for Row 33. There is no Row 33 on any of those aircraft either. Seems kind of strange, but all rows go sequentially from 32 to 34. The change is primarily to bring it in line with the row numbering scheme that Continental uses on its aircraft. They are probably making the change so that they can utilize either legacy aircraft on each others current route structure. I’m not sure why Continental had to have all exit rows be Row 20 and 21, but maybe someone way back when couldn’t count correctly. And what about old 33? Was someone at Continental suspicious and decided that there couldn’t be a row 33? So, if you’re flying after June 9 on United, check the seat map to make sure you’re still where you really want to be.

Last modified: April 26, 2011