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Traveling with an iPad is a Godsend

When you travel for more than a day or two, there’s always stuff you want to take.  Those books you’ve been wanting to read, the magazines you need to catch up on, the travel guides for your destination and on and on and on.  Before you know it, you’re now on Amazon trying to buy a bigger backpack to fit all of those things in for your trip.  Traveling with an iPad has probably cut 10lbs off of our backpack, made it easier to find overhead bin space on planes and saved our backs from all that weight.

Our iPads have eliminated the need to cart around several books, travel journals, a laptop, a separate iPod and more.  Not to mention the apps you can take with you that will make your travel life alot easier.  Check back on Monday for a list of what we have on our iPad.

Last modified: March 25, 2011