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New Zealand Earthquake

I visited Christchurch a few years back and it was a very enjoyable experience.  Great people, great city, great country.  The devastation from yesterday’s earthquake is amazing.  When you look at the video and pictures coming out of NZ, it’s astounding there weren’t more casualties.  Hats off to everyone and all of the corporations that are helping in relief efforts.

Google has implemented a person finder application to help locate people in the quake zone.  You can also use the app to report on people you know are safe in the area.  You can find it here. And, from Air New Zealand, this was posted late last night on their website:

“All available fares on Air New Zealand domestic services from any point on the domestic network to/from Christchurch for booking and travel through until 8am Friday morning are available for NZ$50 one way.  They can be booked via the Air New Zealand website and call centre. In addition, Air New Zealand will operate a return Auckland-Christchurch service tomorrow utilising a Boeing 747-400, with seats available at the $50 fare.”

If you are currently scheduled to fly to New Zealand on Air New Zealand, you can go to their website for flight information or follow them on Twitter at @FlyAirNZ.

This earthquake is another example of how you should always be prepared for the unexpected while traveling, no matter where you travel to.  Anything can happen at any time.  Make sure you leave an itinerary behind with friends and relatives before you leave.  Make sure you have contact numbers with you while traveling, so should the need arise, you can call friends from your location when it’s possible.  Always pack a small LED flashlight and first aid kit in your carry-on.  And, make sure you always have travel insurance.

Last modified: January 6, 2014