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Just Back From NYC

We just returned from a great weekend in NYC this past weekend.  The weather was great as well.  We’ll have more on the site as the week progresses, but here were some highlights.

We stayed at the Trump Soho on a deal we purchased via Jet Luxury Resorts.  It’s the perfect location for just about everything in NYC.  We tried out a spa treatment before leaving in their personal hammam and it was probably the craziest spa treatment ever.  Hit our favorite stores on Saturday:  Brooklyn Industries, Uniqlo, Ted Baker, Icebreaker and more.  Followed that up with a fantastic dinner at the James Beard House in the West Village, which featured the chefs from Ciccone in London, West Hollywood and Miami.  Caught Jersey Boys as a last minute thing on Sunday afternoon followed by a a “long happy hour(s)” of lychee mojitos and great Thai food at our favorite spot Thailand Cafe in the East Village.

Each day this week we’ll post a picture of two right here.  Coming up this weekend:  Seattle.  We’ll be doing some live blogging and twittering from the Emerald City.  Stay tuned.

Last modified: August 8, 2012