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Eye-Fi Mobile X2 Testing

We just received our new Eye-Fi Mobile X2 SD memory card from Amazon. We’ve done some in-house testing, but are ready to take it out on the road this weekend and see how it performs. If you’re unfamiliar with this new version of Eye-Fi card, it actually automatically uploads your photos as you take them. It can upload it to your computer while at home or remotely from anywhere there’s a Wi-Fi hotspot. It can also upload them directly to your iPhone or iPad as well, all wirelessly. You can leave that computer, flash card reader and cables at home. We’ll put it through the paces are report back here next week on what we discover. If this works, it will make things so much easier while traveling. It will also be nice as now photos will automatically be “backed up” to another location as you take them! Stay tuned!

Last modified: April 27, 2011