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Back from Zanzibar

We’ve just came back from our week in Zanzibar….and what a week it was.  Our goal of the trip was just to relax and unwind, which we did.  However, Turkish Airlines had  a different idea when our bags disappeared for 3 days of a 9 day trip.  But, we tried not to let that rain on our parade.  So, here are some things coming throughout the week:

1.  A review of our first experience on Turkish Airlines…that we’ll affectionately call the “Turkish Air:  A tale of two airlines”

2.  A review of the small boutique resort where we spent most of our time, Essque Zalu

3.  Photos of the trip

4.  Three new videos – One of the resort, one of our trip to a spice plantation and the last a historical tour of Stone Town

5.  Our first ever Destination Guide featuring Zanzibar

So, stay tuned.  We’ll also be back to regular posts this week as well.   

Last modified: April 23, 2012