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Aqua Expeditions – Luxury River Cruises in SE Asia & South America

While we avoid commercial ocean cruises like the plague, river cruises can be different.  Smaller boats.  Smaller, more intimate destinations.  A chance to see culture up close.  And you won’t be traveling with the herd.

When an email arrived from our friends at Inside Hook this morning, we couldn’t resist passing it along.  It showcased Aqua Expeditions river cruises on the Mekong River in SE Asia.  Southeast Asia is one of our favorite places to visit.  Great people.  Relaxed atmosphere.  Scenic as all get out and all the culture you can take in.  

Aqua Expeditions runs small river cruise ships not only on the Mekong River (think Vietnam/Cambodia), but also on the Amazon (think Peru/Brazil).  These aren’t little toy boats where you’ll be roughing it, but small, luxury cruise ships with unbelievable amenities.  You’ll be pampered in plush surroundings as you cruise the river at some of the more remote destinations in either location.  

Check out Aqua Expeditions and see what you think.  It’s a great idea for a 3-4 or 7 day vacation that few will get to experience.

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Last modified: January 7, 2014