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Airline Safety: How Safe are Global Airlines

Top of mind for most travelers around the world in airline safety.  Sometimes it’s not just hard to know the safety record of large global airlines, but also the record of those “lesser-known” airlines that operate around the world.

When you travel beyond major airport hubs in any country, many times you have to take smaller airlines to reach your destination.  How safe are they?  When you live half a world away, you may not hear reports of problems or safety issues at other countries airlines.  Before you book air travel either on your own or via a travel agent or a consolidator, it’s a good idea to check the Aviation Safety Network.  The Aviation Safety Network is an independent organization who’s mission is ” to cover accidents and safety issues with regards to airliners, military transport planes and corporate jets.”  Their database “contains detailed descriptions of over 10,700 incidents, hijackings and accidents.”  In addition to reports of accidents and safety issues, the website also has links to crash reports from various government organizations, images from aircraft accidents and also compiled statistics on various aspects of airline safety.

Before you book that next flight on an airline your unfamiliar with, it might not hurt to take a quick look at the ASN website.

Last modified: December 30, 2013