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Blue Ribbon Bags

We’ve been fortunate enough to never have our baggage eternally lost.  Delayed yes, lost no. But, we know the airline gods will eventually be angered and our time is coming.  

We ran across an article earlier this week about Blue Ribbon Bags.  Blue Ribbon Bags is a company that provides insurance against lost baggage.  What makes Blue Ribbon unique, is that there are no receipts required if your baggage is lost.  Blue Ribbon Bags will pay you for your lost baggage with no questions asked.  

You can purchase baggage insurance for $1,000, $1,500 or $2,000.  Keep in mind, the amount of coverage is per bag, but is limited to two bags maximum.  It also does not cover theft or missing items.  Premiums are $5, $7.50 and $10 respectively.  Blue Ribbon Bags is reinsured by AIG, rated “A” by A.M. Best.

To file a claim, you must start with the airline once your baggage is lost, then file another claim with Blue Ribbon.  If you baggage isn’t returned to you in four days after you flight arrives, Blue Ribbon Bags sends you a check.  If your baggage eventually arrives, you keep the money.

Is this a good deal?  Maybe.  Keep in mind that while airlines do lose a lot of baggage each year, 98% of all baggage does eventually get returned.  And much of that is returned within 4 days.  But, if you’re flying internationally where everyday counts and lots of various airlines are responsible for your bags, it could be a lifesaver.  Being stranded on a weeks vacation or longer without your belongings is tough.  The claims process at airlines for luggage that’s never returned can take weeks, maybe months.  Plus, you’ll probably need receipts for many things in your baggage or you’ll have to settle for a paltry sum.

We’re going to give this a try on our next international flight.  For the small amount of money, it’s a small price for piece of mind.

Last modified: April 2, 2014