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Fyly Yachting Charters- Athens, Greece

Fyly Yachting Charters

73 Poseidonos Ave
175 62 P. Phaliro
Athens, Greece

Phone: +30 210 9858670


Fyly Yachting Charters is a boat charter company based in Athens.  We’ve used Fyly for a couple of different private sail boat charters and they’ve come through every time.  Fyly charters boats of all sizes that carry from 6 to 12 passengers.  You can rent bare boats, where you sail yourself or you can charter with a captain.  We’ve always done the latter.  The cost is surprisingly affordable, especially if you can fill a boat.  If you choose to charter with a captain, you’ll decide jointly on an itinerary.  Remember that sometimes you’re ideas of a destination and the winds idea of your destination may be two different places, so it pays to be flexible.  A lot will also depend on whether you choose to just “sail” or if you also choose to use the boat’s motor to get you where you need to go.  Fyly charters throughout the Greek Islands with multiple “ports” available for departure and arrival.  We’ve used both Athens and Kos as a port of call.  Their boats are always well kept and are never more than a few years old.  They’ll also stock your boat with supplies before you depart if you wish.  If you’re really looking for a relaxing way to spend a vacation and see the islands of Greece from a whole different perspective, sailing with Fyly is the way to go.  Cristina and her staff will make your sailing trip one you’ll always remember.

Last modified: March 15, 2012