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Seat Guru

Specialty: Seat maps and information for almost every domestic and international airline.

Website: www.seatguru.com

Before you book that airline ticket, make sure to check SeatGuru.  This resource for fliers has been around almost as long as the modern internet.

SeatGuru provides seat maps for almost every airline, both foreign and domestic.  In addition to knowing the airline you’ll be flying, you’ll also need to know the type of aircraft for the flight.  Almost every airline identifies this in the “Flight Details” or “Flight Information” section when you’re searching for flights.

Seat Guru goes beyond just a basic seat map for each airline’s aircraft.  It gives you detailed information about each seat, so you can increase your chances of being at least semi-comfortable during your time on the plane.  With SeatGuru you’ll never worry about having a seat that doesn’t recline all the way or a large exit door protruding into your leg space.  You’ll also be able to avoid seats near the wonderful smelling lavatories or seats without under seat storage in front of you.

Upside: An easy way to make sure you’re as comfortable as you can be on your next flight.

Downside: None.

Last modified: January 2, 2014