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Specialty: Significant savings on great places to stay.

Website: www.jetsetter.com

Jetsetter was one of the first “invitation-only” websites to offer exclusive deals on 4 & 5 star properties at significantly reduced rates.  Unlike hotel auction sites, prices are predetermined and all you need to do is select and book.  Hotel deals are usually valid for around 60-90 days and require full prepayment for your stay.  Since Jetsetter usually has deals that aren’t likely to be matched anywhere, there’s also no refunds or cancellations.  If you can’t go, you’re out the money. Before using Jetsetter or any similar type of invitation only hotel site, you need to be reasonably sure nothing will affect your opportunity to travel on the dates you select.  As always, we highly recommend buying trip insurance that has adequate coverage for hotel cancellation should something unexpected arise.

Jetsetter runs between 3-5 deals every few days.  Most deals are available for a 5-7 day window, so you need to do your research and buy quickly.  You can verify your dates of travel before making your reservation, so you can be assured of availability before you book. Jetsetter can be a fun way to book a “spur of the moment” getaway.  We were looking for somewhere to go in March.  With no specific destination in mind, we just let the featured hotels on Jetsetter be our guide.  We’re traveling to Garza Blanca Resort in Puerto Vallarta, MX on a deal we found on the site in January.  The Jetsetter rate was about 60% off the rack rate and almost 20% less than rates on competing “deal” sites.

We’ve used Jetsetter for several stays and have been very satisfied.  A plus with the site is they do a good job of laying out the pros and cons of each property.  That still doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your own research.  We’ve checked their reviews with reviews from other independent websites and their reviews were similar to those we found on Jetsetter.  We give Jetsetter a high recommendation.

Upside: Unbeatable rates on four and five star luxury hotels and resorts.

Downside: While deals rotate quickly, you may have to wait for a favorite destination to become available.  No cancellation or refunds on these great deals.

Last modified: February 25, 2011