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Jet Luxury Resorts

We used Jet Luxury Resorts for the first time a few weeks ago for a stay at the Trump SOHO in NYC.  Their prices are definitely better than most other sites, including “flash sale” sites, like Vacationist, Luxury Link, etc.  Another advantage Jet has is that you don’t need to “prepay” for your reservation.  Your credit card is only charged three days prior to your arrival date, giving you plenty of time to cancel prior to your trip.  The inventory of rooms they have at each of their offered locations are somewhat limited, so if you find availability on their site for dates you’re looking to travel, book quickly.  Since Jet has specific rooms at each property, you’ll actually be assigned a room number when you book.  That’s unique compared to other booking sites.

Before our arrival, we did have to make a change in our reservation.  On our first couple attempts to reach them at their 800 number, we were placed into the automated answering loop.  The next day, we tried again and reached a live person on the second ring.  While they were very helpful, the agents don’t sound like the company image Jet wants to project.

When we did arrive at the hotel, there was a problem with one of our reservations.  While we had booked for three nights, the hotel desk reservation indicated we were staying only one night.  Because of Jet’s special relationship with each property, it’s Jet that handles all of the payment and booking and passes that information along to the hotels front desk for check-in.  In our case, the information wasn’t transmitted correctly.  Only then did we find out that the front desk couldn’t help us.  They indicated they were only going by the information they received and we would have to call Jet to resolve the issue.  We were checking in at 10:30PM ET and Jet’s help and reservation line closes at 10PM ET.  We thought for sure we were out of luck and wouldn’t be able to resolve the issue until the next day.  Not something you want to deal with while you’re on vacation.  Luckily, someone was still at Jet and answered the phone.  To their credit, the person immediately phoned the hotel and within about 10 minutes the problem was resolved.  

This is probably our only main complaint.  If there’s an issue with your booking and you’re checking in after hours, you may be out of luck and getting it resolved until the next business day.  in our opinion. they definitely need to offer a 24 hour problem resolution line.

Overall, we were pleased with Jet Luxury Resorts and we’d use them again.  If they can get their act together a bit more on their reservation line and make sure assistance is available 24/7/365, we’d give them 5 stars instead of 4.

Last modified: June 28, 2011