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Clean Writer

Clean Writer has two apps, one for the iPad and the other for the Mac.  Both work similarly, with the Mac version having a few more features.

Clean Writer is a simple, stay-out-of-the-way, writing app.  We’ve used it for over a year and have been extremely pleased.  This isn’t Word or anything like it.  It’s a distraction free, simplistic, minimalist, easy to use application to use for writing.

While we use both versions, we use the iPad version the most.  We use it primarily to create content for this blog.   Clean Writer stores your writing in small text files by default.  It also can store your files with a click on Dropbox.  It’s one of our favorite features while on the road, because we always have a backup of our content, should something happen to our iPad.  The small sidebar menu can be hidden, showing nothing but your content on the screen.  You have the ability to change color of both the background and content.  It’s very handy when you’re working in a dark room or on a dark plane.  It’s easy on the eyes and keeps prying eyes at bay.

Clean Writer is available from the iTunes store for 99 cents for the iPad version and $2.99 for the Mac version.  It’s a small investment for such a simple, powerful app.


Last modified: April 22, 2014