• Boeing 787-9 Amazing Maneuvers

    We’ve had the opportunity to fly the Boeing 787-8 airplane from on United’s DEN-NRT route a couple of times over the past year.  Being a passenger in this plane makes for a great flight experience.  Lower cabin pressure means less jet lag.  Larger windows and better luggage bins mean a lighter, airier cabin.   It’s just a much better flying experience.

    Now with the new Boeing 787-9, a larger version able to carry more passengers, the bar is set even higher.  Here’s a video of the new Boeing 787-9 performing “out of the ordinary” maneuvers while practicing for the Farnborough UK airshow.  It’s pretty spectacular to see this large of plane, be able to do these things so easily.  Enjoy.

  • A Boeing 777 Replica Made from Manilla Folders

    Some may call this crazy.  But hats off for the effort and detail.  Who else would have the patience to build a replica of a Boeing 777 out of nothing but manilla folders?

    Luca Iaconi-Stewart has been working for years on a replica Boeing 777-3000ER made out of nothing but manilla folders.  You can check out more in his Flickr photo feed as well as some cool time-lapse videos on his YouTube channel.