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Travel Watch & Travel Clock

I’m always amazed at the number of fellow travelers we see who are wearing expensive jewelry.  When you travel, the last thing you need is one more thing to worry about.  When you wear gold necklaces, fancy watches (or at least those that look like the real thing), rings, etc., all you’re doing is making yourself a potential target.  Whether you choose to believe it or not, no country, city or hotel is completely safe.  Why take the risk?

Sure, okay, you say, I’ll just leave it in my hotel safe.  Well, that’s not as secure as you think either.  You can take a look at this video demonstrating how easy it is to get into “…the most secure safe” or just take a look at these articles from Gadling and the BBC.

Timex Expedition WatchWhen we travel, we leave the Tag Heuer watches at home and switch to the Timex.  We’ve had several of these over the years, as each one lasts us about 2-3 years.  Rather than spend $9 for a new battery, it’s just easier to buy a whole new watch for less than $30.  The best thing about these watches is that if you lose one, leave it behind in the hotel, or have a monkey take it off your wrist, you’re loss is limited.  We’re especially fond of the Timex Expedition series of watches.  They have multiple time zone capability (usually 2-3), multiple alarms, Indiglo night light and all-use wristbands.

Elgin Travel Alarm ClockFor travel alarm clocks, we’ve had a few, but our favorite is the Elgin Travel Alarm Clock.  It’s relatively small, compact and easy to read both during the day and night.  It does use two AAA batteries, but we’ve had ours two years and have yet to replace them.  The other things we like about this clock is that it’s lightweight and easy to set both the time and the alarm.  Plus, at less than $8, should you accidentally leave one behind when you check out of your hotel, you aren’t out a huge investment.

Last modified: July 25, 2010