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Sun Bum Sunscreen

We’ve tried every sunscreen known to man over the past few years.  Sun Bum is the créme de la créme of sunscreens.  There’s really nothing better, really!

Sun Bum sunscreen, how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways:

1. Sun Bum is not greasy or sticky – who wants to feel like they should be laying on a BBQ instead of laying by the water?

2. Sun Bum EASILY rubs completely into your skin in no time – why waste 30 minutes trying to rub in sunscreen and still look like a ghost?

3. Sun Bum smells great – The scent is minimal compared to some sunscreens that make you feel like you just left a perfume factory

4. Sun Bum stays on – It stays on your skin for a reasonable length of time even whether you’re just lying around, in the water or jumping around on the beach

5. Sun Bum goes a long way – Sure it’s a bit pricey, but you can use less than other sunscreens.  (Of course, use what you need to make sure you’re covered)

6. Sun Bum lets your skin breathe – A couple of us have sensitive skin, which with regular products caused breakouts and clogged pores.  With the Bum, that’s not a problem.

We stumbled across Sun Bum sunscreen about three years ago at Nordstrom.  We’d tried every imaginable brand out there.  From Coopertone to Banana Boat to Neutrogena and everywhere in between.  Nothing comes close to Sun Bum.  We’ve heat and water tested it in summer and winter.  It stood up to the triple digit heat in Indonesia, to the hot sandy beaches of central Vietnam.  This past winter, it was great face protection skiing in the minus degree temperatures of Zermatt.

Available in Baby, Regular and Pro formulas, plus SPFs of 15, 30, 50 and 70 there’s a Sun Bum for you.  It also comes in handy applicator sticks for your face.  Sun Bum is available at many locations.  You can check their website, go to Nordstrom, or shop on Amazon.

Check out their website.  It has lots of great information about their products, a lengthy FAQ that could answer any question you’ve ever had about sunscreen, and a lot of other cool things as well.  So, get out there, take your clothes off, put on some Sun Bum sunscreen and hit the beach.  It’s up to you whether you put your clothes back on first.

Last modified: June 24, 2014