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Everdroid is a cell phone data backup service that stores your cell phone data on the cloud.  Contacts.  Calendars.  More.  Import or recover your important cell phone data and contacts in minutes.

After losing our iPhone on a recent trip to Africa, we were in a pickle.  We weren’t about to buy a new iPhone, with a new version coming out in less than six months.  Instead, we bought a piece of crap Nokia to get us through.  But until then, we needed to recover our cell phone data and get our 100+ contacts on to the new phone.  Doing it manually was a very painful option we wanted to avoid.  After a quick web search, we found Everdroid.  Everdroid can take a current back up of your phone and then restore it to almost any other phone, should your original phone become permanently unavailable (i.e. lost).  

But of course, we didn’t know about Everdroid before we lost our phone.  No problem.

You can upload your contact data from any other source to Everdroid.  Since we used an iPhone, we had all of our contact information on our iMac and Macbook Pro laptop that was on our phone.  We exported it to a CSV file and had it uploaded into Everdroid in less than 2 minutes.  Then, all you do is setup your new replacement phone (i.e. piece of crap Nokia) to sync with Everdroid and voila, all of the contacts were there in less than 5 minutes.  

If you have an Android based phone, Everdroid has even more services that allow you to operate your phone remotely.  We’re Apple die-hards, so for us, just being able to export contacts from our Macs, to a different OS on a non-Apple phone made, Everdroid our hero.  Best thing.  It’s free.

From now on, we’ll be routinely backing up our phone data to Everdroid.  That way, if we lose our next iPhone again, and have to buy a new phone that’s not an iPhone, we’ll be able to restore our contacts on the new phone in minutes.  Check Everdroid out by going here.

Last modified: December 30, 2013