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Andina – Portland, OR

1314 NW Glisan St
Portland, OR 97209

(503) 228-9535

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Andina is located warehouse-style building in the Pearl District in downtown Portland.  Located on a corner, you can’t miss it.  Directly across the street is the Keen flagship factory store.

Atmosphere & Service
Andina is a restaurant and bar combo, with an open kitchen in the center, restaurant to the left and bar area to the right. As you walk in, between the entrance doors and the kitchen is a courtyard that opens to the lower floor. The lower courtyard has seating as well as a couple of rooms for private parties.

This place tries to pack as many tables in the limited space as they can. The restaurant area isn’t quite as bad as the bar area. We sat in the bar area and tables were so close together, they could just as well push every table together and make it communal seating. In some corners, we saw people literally moving diners at other tables out of the way, so they could get in to their table. The noise factor is high, so this isn’t a place you’ll be having any sort of comprehensible conversation when it’s busy, which is most of the time. The noise in the restaurant area wasn’t much better.

 The food here was exceptional. Mostly small, sharing style plates, with a few entree sized items. We loved everything we tried.  The seafood is super fresh and being Peruvian/South American food, everything was spiced perfectly.  Not too hot, not too bland.  Plates come out as they’re ready from the kitchen, so sometimes the small tables can be packed with food if you order a lot of small plates.  This isn’t a place where they want you to hang around. It’s drink, eat, get out and move on so they can turn the table.

Overall we loved, loved, loved the food. Loved the drinks. Noise factor, however, borders on unbearable. It’s also not a place to “lounge”.  They keep things moving and expect you to do the same.

Last modified: June 27, 2014