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Mr & Mrs Smith Hotels

Mr & Mrs Smith hotels has a great selection of boutique hotels located across six continents.  With unique properties in unique places, it’s worth your while to check them out.  You can select hotels by location and by type.  Mr & Mrs Smith has extensive details on each property, with gorgeous photos as well as reviews.

At Mr & Mrs Smith you can purchase different levels of membership which get you various perks, basic membership, “Blacksmith” is free.  We recently made our first booking with Mr & Mrs Smith at Song Saa in Cambodia.  The deal was phenomenal at 50% off for the entire stay.  No other website was able to match this deal.  And, as a Mr & Mrs Smith extra, we receive a free spa treatment each.

Booking here is easy.  And, you also get “cash back” on every booking.  Based upon the level of membership you have, you can earn between 1-3%.  Here’s a video clip that explains a bit more about Mr & Mrs Smith.

You can download the Mr & Mrs Smith hotels iPhone app from the app store here.

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