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Narwama Restaurant – Marrakech, Morocco

[one_half]Ruel Koutoubia 30
Marrakech Médina, Morocco

+21 2 2 444 2510 

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Prices: $15 and up
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As with most places in Marrakech, this place isn’t easy to find.  It’s easiest to look for the Les Jardines Hotel and then look for the Nwarma sign up above your head on the left.   You’ll see a long covered alleyway right below the signs.  Go down the alleyway, take a left, then a right.  At night, an attendant will be sitting outside the alleyway to take you to the front door of the restaurant.

Atmosphere & Service 
Once you walk through the front door of Nwarma, it’s like being transported to another place.  The bar is lit only by candles.  It has small tables and larger sofa style seating.  The dining room is a large glass domed atrium with a large fountain (which also spouts fire) in the middle.  There are over 40 tables, however, during high season, you’ll probably need a reservation. 

Food & Drink
We only had drinks at Nwarma and a small complimentary appetizer.  Happy hour start at 7:30 and runs until 9PM.  Since Marrakech is a “late dining time” city, we left at 8:30 and there were only a couple of other tables occupied in the entire place.  Drink prices are on the high side ($12 USD each) and while reasonably sized, don’t contain much alcohol.  You’re probably better off with a beer or wine if you’re looking for something of substance.  Nwarma has a wide array of Thai and Asian inspired dishes.  Even though we just stopped in for a drink on this visit, we’d definitely give it a go for dinner on our next trip.

[box type=”error” ]While some guide books say Narwama is open for breakfast and lunch, during our visit, it was dinner only service. Plus, dinner here usually doesn’t start serving until after 8PM.[/box]


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