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L’Ultimo Bacio – Marrakech, Morocco

L'Ultimo is hard to find, but worth it.


Angle rue Tarik Ibn Ziad & Moulay Ali
Gueliz, Marrakech 40000, Morocco

+21 2 6 61 11 26 09

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Prices: $15-$30 per person

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l’Ultimo Bacio has great italian food and is a nice alternative to Moroccan food, especially if you’re in the city for a few days or more.

l’Ultimo Bacio isn’t easy to find.  Tucked away on a small side street in the “new city”, it’s an adventure finding this place.  Paul’s is a well known restaurant in the new city.  If the cab driver can get you there, if you face Paul’s, turn 180 degrees the opposite direction and you’ll see Lutissimo Biaco on the left side of the street behind you, about half way up.

Atmosphere & Service 
A very modern space, on the night we were there, it’s very popular with French ex-pats.  The restaurant is owned by a conglomerate, that also owns other hotels and restaurants throughout Morocco. Service was good, although a bit scattered at times.  The restaurant seemed a bit understaffed as the restaurant grew busier throughout the evening.

The menu is straightforward Italian, with various traditional antipasti, pizza, pasta and other dishes.  Antipasti is served from an antipasti bar, where you pick either 3 or 5 different choices for fixed price.  From there you can order your other courses.  We opted for the pasta dishes, all of which were very good.  Most, but not all, of their pastas are made in house each day.  Desserts vary from the traditional Tiramisu, and include creme brulee’s, soufflés, chocolate tarts and ice cream.

The wine and drink lists are somewhat limited.  Traditional, basic cocktails are around $10-12 US dollars each, while most of the wines are Moroccan, with a few Italian and French wines thrown in for good measure.

Very good food, close to shopping in the new city.  If you can find it.

Last modified: January 3, 2014