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Dar Moha Marrakech – Marrakech, Morocco


Rue dar el Bacha 81
Medina, Marrakech 44000, Morocco

+21 2 2 438 6400


Prices: $75 – $90 per person



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Dar Moha Marrakech is hyped by many travel books, blogs and magazines as being one of the best restaurants in Marrakech.  Maybe not so much. The food is certainly good, the place a bit dated and worn, but there are better places to eat traditional moroccan food at cheaper prices.

No matter what you’re looking for in Marrakech, it can be hard to find.  Located on a busy street corner in an unassuming building, is Dar Moha.  The only thing that may help you spot it, is a traffic cone out front and a man standing by a door way.  The very small sign is plastered on the front, above the door.  You’ll have to be standing right in front of it to see it.

Atmosphere & Service
We went to Dar Moha on the recommendation of our hotel, Riad Kniza.  Dar Moha has both inside and courtyard dining.  If the weather is nice (which it is 80% of the time in Marrakech), choose to sit outside in the courtyard.  The courtyard has about a dozen tables which are centered around a large pool surrounded by tropical gardens.  As with most buildings in Marrkech, courtyard walls are usually 2-3 stories high, so you’re secluded from the noisy streets outside.  The service was fairly slow, so plan on at least two hours for dinner, if not more. 

The food was good, but probably not the best Moroccan food you’ll have while in Marrakesh.   Drinks are extra, but they have a full list of wines, beer, cocktails and soft drinks.  We had mojitos, which were good, but in fairly small glasses for $10.  The menu hère is prix fixe at $70 per person, excluding drinks.  The courses include:

  • 14 different moroccan appetizers to start (you’ll get all 14)
  • Pastilla – your choice of fish, pigeon or vegetarian
  • Tagine or Brochette – several choices, including lamb, beef, fish, etc
  • Cous Cous
  • Your choice of 3-4 desserts

We liked it, but it’s definitely overpriced for Moroccan style food in Marrakesh.  For a nice evening out in a relaxing atmosphere, it works, especially if it’s your first night in Marrakech.

Last modified: January 6, 2014