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Fast Food Al Ahbab – Marrakech, Morocco


Rue Prince Moulay Abdellah/Rue Bab Agnaou
Marrakech, Morocco

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Lonely Planet

Prices: $4-$6 per person



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We stopped in at Al Ahbab for lunch, based upon a small mention in the local Lonely Planet guide. Wow.  Simple schwarma and gyros, but some of the best “street food” in Marrakech.  And, a great value.

If you blink, you’ll go right past it, but it’s just south of the main square on the main pedestrian walkway leading away from the square, about half way down on your right.  If the awnings out, you’ll miss the sign.  Look for the “Chicken Kabob” restaurant, directly across the street from Al Ahbab.

Selection is limited, but you can choose from a few different sandwiches (chicken, lamb or mixed) and hamburgers or brochette as well.  We opted for the mixed sandwich and weren’t disappointed.  Loaded with chicken and lamb, plus an assortment of carrots, rice, potato and cabbage, that was wrapped in the thinnest pita on the planet.  Yummy.  Fries come with the sandwich and they were the crispiest and best fries we’ve had during our stay in Morocco. 

Atmosphere & Service
When you spot Al Ahbab, you’ll notice the chicken and lamb roasting on the spit right out front.  There’s seating inside, but it’s cramped, so sit out on the street with everyone else where you can enjoy watching the passersby. Service is quick and efficient, without a lot of fanfare.  The kitchen is clean and we suffered no ill effects as one can from certain establishments in Marrakech.  You can easily get by here for lunch for less than $6 USD and that includes a Coke.

We thought this place was better than most of the food stalls in the square, so if you’re looking for a quick bite that’s great, stop at Al Ahbab.

Last modified: April 3, 2014