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Vacationist & Luxury Link

Specialty: Both sites owned by Travel & Leisure, LuxuryLink is an “auction-style” discount site and Vacationist is similar to Jetsetter and others, where you have discounts for a short period of time.

Website: www.luxurylink.com and www.vacationist.com

LuxuryLink has been around for a few years, where Vacationist started just a few months ago.  Both sides offer upscale hotels at discount prices.  LuxuryLink takes an “auction style” approach where you bid for the deal they’re offering.  Their deals also tend to be longer periods (think a 5 to 7 day stay), and you have to give three alternative dates for travel.  If you’re looking for a very specific date, that may or may not be good.  LL also tends to offer more “package” type trips.  This is great if you want your airfare, hotel and activities all rolled into one price.  Vacationist is more traditional where you have a great price for a limited amount of time.  They tend to have a wide variety of properties in a wide variety of locations.  A bit more so than other similar sites.  We’ve used LuxuryLink before and haven’t had any issues.  We haven’t had the opportunity to give Vacationist a try.

Upside: A chance to book a 4 or 5 star vacation or hotel for a great price.

Downside: Minimum stay and date stay restrictions on Luxury Link.

Last modified: February 26, 2011