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Home Away

Specialty: Similar to VRBO, house, apartment, condo and flat rentals for your vacation.

Website: www.homeaway.com

We’ve never used Home Away, but it’s certainly another website worth checking out if you’re thinking about renting something when you travel.  We’ve left it unrated, but utilize it as another resource in your search for a place to stay.

Home Away has a much better presentation of rental properties than VRBO.  Searching is essentially the same, however you’ll find many more photos for each property, as well as a map and much better property details.  If a property has reviews, you’ll also find those listed as well.

Upside: Very detailed information about each listed property, along with numerous photos.

Downside: If you inquire about a property, Home Away automatically uses your email address for it’s own marketing purposes.

Last modified: February 25, 2011