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Punta Islita, Costa Rica on sale at Jetsetter

Punta Islita, the perfect secluded getaway on the Nicoya peninsula in Costa Rica is on sale at Jetsetter!  We were a few years back and really enjoyed our stay.  And the rates on Jetsetter?  Less than what we paid a few years back as well.  Punta Islita is about as secluded as it gets, so you have to be prepared for the tranquility and silence.  The main building of the resort as well as many of the casitas overlook the Pacific Ocean.  You can head to the beach from just about anywhere in the resort in less than 5 minutes.  A couple of things to note:  The beach here is black rock/sand, so not the easiest to walk on.  Also, the resort is on a hillside, so it’s a good climb back up from the water, however, golf carts are available to take you back and forth. 

The food and service here is amazing.  But be prepared, there’s nothing else close to the resort so if you’re planning on a longer stay, this is where you’ll be eating through the day.  You can fly into Punta Islita via Nature Air.  Nature Air runs one flight daily from San Jose, seven days a week.  It’s a small plane (think 8-10 passengers), but on a clear day, you’ll see some fantastic scenery.  And, landing on the short dirt/rock landing strip at Punta Islita is worth it alone.  The Jetsetter special is good for dates in March through June.  Click here to check it out.

Last modified: January 18, 2014