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Kiva – Microfinance Loan Results through January 2014

Kiva is a great organization that we’ve been proud to support for almost 7 years.  Kiva is a non-profit organization who’s mission is to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty around the globe.  By connecting lenders with a worldwide network of microfinance institutions, Kiva lets individuals lend as little as $25 to help create opportunity around the world.  

Over 7 years, we’ve lent over $6400 to various people to help support them in their small business. Microfinance has helped make positive changes in third world countries.  It’s a hand up, not a hand out.  We hope you’ll join us in supporting others around the world through Kiva.  In fact, Kiva will give you $25 to get started.  Click on this link to get started and we’ll get $25 as well to lend to someone in need.

Here’s a look at our loan portfolio since we started giving in 2007:

LoanActivityCountryWe LoanedStatus
HildaFarmingHonduras$25.00Paying Back
KhayrulloManufacturingTajikistan$100.00Paying Back
KhorenFarmingUkraine$25.00Paying Back
MariamFish SellingKenya$25.00Paid Back
CharlesFarmingKenya$25.00Paid Back
JorgeHigher education costsParaguay$75.00Paying Back
ConchitaGeneral StorePhilippines$75.00Paying Back
BabyFood MarketSierra Leone$50.00Paying Back
Jose AbrahanAgricultureEl Salvador$100.00Paying Back
AdeServicesIndonesia$50.00Paying Back
Julio CesarFarmingNicaragua$200.00Paying Back
Makimbilio GroupFood StallThe Democratic Republic of the Congo$75.00Paid Back
SylviaRetailUganda$75.00Paid Back
Progres GroupAgricultureTogo$100.00Paid Back
AliBarber ShopIraq$100.00Paid Back
SharavdochinButcher ShopMongolia$50.00Paid Back
VictoriaAnimal SalesPeru$100.00Paid Back
Prado GroupFish SellingTanzania$125.00Paid Back
Nasreen's GroupDairyPakistan$25.00Paid Back
Arcadio De JesusPigsColombia$100.00Paid Back
Nuevo Horizonte GroupSewingParaguay$200.00Paid Back
Seke GroupFood MarketBolivia$150.00Paid Back
Harth De Parquer GroupFood Production/SalesMexico$75.00Paid Back
Anh's GroupFurniture MakingVietnam$100.00Paid Back
KhutGeneral StoreCambodia$100.00Paid Back
Mame AlyFoodSenegal$75.00Paid Back
Maria Del ConsueloFood StallMexico$25.00Ended with Loss
MohamadBarber ShopIraq$100.00Paid Back
SabirFood MarketAzerbaijan$100.00Paid Back
Anonymous GroupRetailSenegal$125.00Refunded
RinCementCambodia$100.00Paid Back
Bread Sellers GroupFood Production/SalesSierra Leone$50.00Paid Back
FaustinoRetailParaguay$75.00Paid Back
UranjargalHome Products SalesMongolia$100.00Paid Back
Fuerza Del Ma̱ana (Cuenca) GroupFood StallEcuador$100.00Paid Back
GennsiAgriculturePeru$25.00Paid Back
ErmelindaFood StallMozambique$100.00Paid Back
MarieBeauty SalonSenegal$25.00Paid Back
Denny AdemirBarber ShopEl Salvador$75.00Paid Back
Shamim's GroupGrocery StorePakistan$100.00Paid Back
YaverGrocery StoreAzerbaijan$50.00Paid Back
ManuelElectrical GoodsEl Salvador$100.00Paid Back
SalahAuto RepairLebanon$75.00Paid Back
Marenco GroupSewingNicaragua$25.00Paid Back
Nao's GroupAgricultureCambodia$25.00Paid Back
Nguy‡ÈÉn's GroupFood Production/SalesVietnam$75.00Paid Back
Elmira's GroupCraftsKyrgyzstan$75.00Paid Back
Neris Del SocorroFruits & VegetablesNicaragua$50.00Paid Back
AblaviSewingTogo$50.00Paid Back
SavornAgricultureCambodia$100.00Paid Back
ElenaClothing SalesPeru$25.00Paid Back
Mariam CarmitaPoultryEcuador$50.00Paid Back
Ankabenk̩lenkan 2. 9 GroupFarmingMali$25.00Paid Back
AliBarber ShopLebanon$25.00Paid Back
Walayat KhanFarmingAfghanistan$25.00Ended with Loss
BarnoClothing SalesTajikistan$25.00Paid Back
FadiCafeLebanon$50.00Paid Back
Sabougnouman GroupRetailMali$50.00Paid Back
Norma RaeRestaurantSamoa$50.00Paid Back
DagiisurenPharmacyMongolia$75.00Paid Back
SundayFurniture MakingNigeria$25.00Paid Back
Mirta VirginiaClothingParaguay$50.00Paid Back
MeasFish SellingCambodia$25.00Paid Back
Jikomboe GroupGeneral StoreTanzania$50.00Paid Back
NozimFarmingTajikistan$25.00Paid Back
Zahida Parveen M.nazir GroupGrocery StorePakistan$100.00Paid Back
Vu ThiServicesVietnam$125.00Paid Back
Mrs. Sim Sarin's Village Bank GroupFruits & VegetablesCambodia$250.00Paid Back
Aimiti Gafa's GroupClothing SalesSamoa$100.00Paid Back
Bui ThiAgricultureVietnam$150.00Paid Back
Maria TeresaTraveling SalesNicaragua$100.00Paid Back
DiloromShoe SalesTajikistan$100.00Paid Back
SinTailoringCambodia$25.00Paid Back
Nguyen ThiCharcoal SalesVietnam$150.00Paid Back
Maria EshterServicesBolivia$100.00Paid Back
Nabaziza A (Iii) GroupFuel/FirewoodUganda$50.00Paid Back
NormaClothing SalesPeru$100.00Paid Back
Totorilla GroupAgriculturePeru$100.00Paid Back
MaryClothing SalesGhana$275.00Paid Back
RafailClothing SalesAzerbaijan$150.00Paid Back

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