Air New Zealand’s “Bare Essentials”

Air New Zealand, one of our favorite airlines is trying to solve the problems of those tired, old safety videos you have to watch, listen to (or avoid) before departure.  The novel idea, involves using actual ANZ staff in the videos, performing completely naked.  Now, before you think it’s shameful, the employees are all wearing body paint that mimics their uniforms.  Plus, there’s some very artful camera work that keeps everything to a PG level.  ANZ hopes that this will make people finally stop and listen to the announcements.  Based upon the videos, ti certainly should at least for awhile with those who fly frequently.  To build even more “buzz” around the safety videos, they’ve also incorporated the same theme into their basic advertising.

Of course, as with any video shoot, you also have the “outtakes” or “gag reel”.  Now that you’ve seen the edited video, see what didn’t make the final cut…..

And to see how they shot the video, check this out….

And last but not least, the TV commercial entitled “Nothing to Hide”….


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