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Best Travel Organizer – Flight 001 Seat Pack

Today on Gilt, one of our favorite travel organizers, is on sale.  It’s the Flight 001 Seat Pack.  We’ve had this travel organizer for about two years and it goes everywhere.  It’s several good sized zippered pockets one one side and a large zippered pocket on the other.  And, don’t let the size fool you.  You can put lots of stuff in here.  We use ours for everything we need on a plane.  It can hold chargers, adapters, USB drives, personal items, phone, earbuds, etc.  It’s much better than having things in multiple pockets in your backpack or carry-on and it keeps things easily organized.  The only thing you need to remember is take it with you when you leave the plane.  Make sure to check out Gilt today before this item is sold out.  If it is, you can always pay a bit more over at Flight 001.

Last modified: May 9, 2012