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Kicking Horse Coffee – Canada

[one_half]491 Arrow Rd
Invermere, BC  

Kicking Horse Coffee Website

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Kicking Horse Coffee is pretty darn good.  Roasted in rural British Columbia, Canada, they roast almost 20 different blends of coffee.  If you can’t find one in a taste profile you like at Kicking Horse, then you probably won’t find it anywhere.

We’ve never been to their main roasting facility or factory cafe, but we have ordered their coffee online, enjoyed at Tuff Beans in Tofino, BC and actually purchased it locally at Vitamin Cottage here in Denver.

Our favorite is the Kick Ass blend, which is a dark roast and very full bodied.  In addition to being available in vacuum sealed bags, you can also by Kicking Horse in cans.  For US customers, it’s easiest to buy their beans directly from Amazon.  In Canada, you can order directly from their website.

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