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Jetsetter is a great hotel booking site and app to find popular hotels in popular destinations at decently discounted rates.

We’ve been using Jetsetter for about five years and it’s never led us astray. They have a wide variety of destinations, with the deals rotating every few days. You can find just about anything, from rooms at resorts in lesser known locales, to deals on popular hotels in large cities.  One of the best things about Jetsetter is that they focus on highly rated hotels and resorts.  They also show their own reviews, as well as reviews from those that have booked through Jetsetter.  You can also easily find “need to know” information, as well as what sights and activities are nearby.

Some of the best deals we’ve had from Jetsetter are hotels in New York, San Francisco and Seattle. Rates are usually around 20-30% less than you’ll find on the most aggressive deal sites.  But when you see a great deal, you can’t delay. Each “sale” tends to run for around 5-7 days at most. The dates available on each sale are usually good for at least 60 days out, with some out as far as four to six months. You’re travel plans should be firm, because the rates are only available as “prepay” and you won’t be able to change you travel dates.  Variety is another nice thing about Jetsetter.  For many of the sales, various room types, not just one, may be available at a discounted rate.

Entering the actual dates you want to stay is critical for checking your actual rate. The rate initially displayed for a specific property may not be available on the dates you want to travel. The rates on most dates offered are almost always discounted, but the discount can vary based upon dates.  It’s just another reason to act fast. That’s why you need to act fast. Rooms may sell out at the discounted rate on certain dates.

Some of the best deals we’ve taken advantage of are over 50% rack rate and 30% cheaper than other booking sites at NYC hotels like The Mondrian. We were able to score a one bedroom suite for the same price as a standard room there recently.

It’s best to subscribe to their email newsletter or download their app. The app pushes the sales to your smartphone or tablet as new ones are introduced. Sales begin and end on various dates, so there’s always something new.

Booking on Jetsetter is easy and quick. We love Jetsetter and know you will too.  It’s saved us a ton of money over the years, as well as allowed us to stay at top rated hotels.

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