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La Maison Arabe Spa – Marrakech, Morocco


1 Derb Assehbé
Bab Doukkala

Marrakech Médina, Morocco

+21 2 5 24 38 70 10

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Treatments: Avg $90 US

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The spa at La Maison Arabe  is definitely worth putting on your list when visiting Marrakech.  While the spa menu is a bit limited to a hammam and massages, you won’t go wrong here.  La Maison Arabe spa is one of the best designed spas we’ve seen in a long time.  Talk about an authentic, middle east experience coupled with a relaxing, tranquil environment and you’ve got La Maison Arabe.  

As with some spas, you won’t find pages and pages of treatments.  La Maison Arabe’s list is simple.  Limited to massage, hammam and a couple of additional services, you’ll soon find that this is more than adequate.  We had the basic hammam treatment, which includes a bathing with black olive soap, a full body scrub and then shampoo and rinse in an ornate steam room adorned with tuscan marble.  You lie on a heated marble bench, as the therapist works their magic with the soap, scrub and rinse.  After about 30 minutes, you’re taken into the relaxation room, lit with dozens of candles and a bubbling fountain, where you’re served tea and water.  You relax there for about 15 minutes, before moving on to your full body massage of 30,45 or 60 minutes.

The spa has 2 hammam and 5 treatment rooms.  The hammam is entirely marble and very nicely sized.  Treatment rooms are average sized, but very comfortable.  What really stands out here is the large, and I mean large, relaxation area that astounds the eye.  Pictured on the spa portion of their website, it’s simply amazing.  The changing areas are small here, which is really the only down fall.  Service at the spa was perfect, from check-in to check-out.  Appointments were fairly easy to get, but we visited during low season.  During high season, it would probably be best to make appointments before you arrive in Marrakech.

Prices may seem high compared to “local” spas and hammams, but we did a lot of comparison shopping and know that La Maison is really reasonable and your experience here will be very memorable.

[box type=”info” ]Because this spa is smaller, it’s advised to book treatments early, especially during high season. [/box]

Last modified: January 5, 2014