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Fresh & Go Travel Toothbrush

Unless you’re one of those people who have to take their electric toothbrush on a trip, Fresh & Go Travel toothbrushes are a godsend.  Fresh & Go’s  come with both the toothbrush and toothpaste all in one convenient package. 

We’ve taken the Fresh & Go Travel Toothbrushes on several trips and one will last from 8-10 days, assuming you brush your teeth two to three times per day.  Since they are just slightly longer than a regular toothbrush, you’ll save room by not having to cram another tube of toothpaste in your Ziploc bag.  Each brush comes with a “cap”, so you won’t have to worry about unsanitary conditions. 

These brushes work so well, you’ll have less mess than you do with a regular brush and paste.  We buy these by the box and have never had any issues with them staying “fresh”, even after a year in storage.

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