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Boschetto al Tartufo

Holy Cheesus!  Boschettto al Tartufo is one phenomenal cheese.  We love cheese, but this takes cheese to a whole new level.

This tasty cheese is produced by Il Forteto, an agricultural cooperative located just outside of Vicchio in Tuscany, which is not far from Florence, Italy.  The fresh cheese is made from pasteurized sheep and cow’s milk with shaved white truffle.  It’s absolutely awesome.  We were fortunate enough to try some during a wine tasting at “Taste of Santa Rita Hills” in Lompoc, CA.

It’s so hard to describe this cheese.  Once you have it, you won’t want anything else.  It’s a slightly sweet semi-soft cheese, with a very creamy texture.  It has just the right amount of truffles to not be overpowering .  But then again, what isn’t good with authentic white truffles.  It pairs perfectly with wine, especially Pinot Noir.

The cheese can be difficult to find in the US.  In California, some Whole Foods locations carry the cheese.  If you’re near New York City, Zabar’s, Wegman’s, and Murrays carry Il Forteto cheeses.  You can get the Boschetto al Tartufo online via iGourmet or Zabar’s.

Last modified: May 22, 2014