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Stangeriet – Oslo

Maridalsveien 17A
0178 Oslo, Norway

+47 2 138 0918

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Chicken, chicken, chicken.  Unbelievable chicken!

Stangeriet is located on the perimeter of the central seating area in the Mathallen, in the Grunnerloka neighborhood of Oslo.

Stangeriet is chicken and chicken done right and just about any way you want it. While you can get your basic chicken parts fried or roasted, they also have a phenomenal chicken sandwhich. It’s not just a simple chicken breast, but a finely shredded chicken with special seasoning that really sets it apart. Served on a large, airy bun, with just a small dab of coleslaw, it was fantastic. These sandwhiches are definitely enough for two to share, unless you’re ravenously hungry.

Stangeriet chickens are raised on grain, without any antibiotics or hormones.  They’re also given plenty of space and allowed to grow in age far beyond the time that normal commercial chickens are grown, giving them exceptional flavor, taste and size.

The only bad thing about this place is that with large portions, you won’t have much appetite left to eat anywhere else.  But the good news is, that means you can always come back later.









Last modified: June 30, 2014