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Hello Good Pie – Oslo

Maridalsveien 17A
0178 Oslo, Norway

+47  21 39 70 06

Hello Good Pie Website

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Hello Good Pie is a great little pie shop that serves pies both savory and sweet.  Pie selection changes from time to time, but the quality is nothing but the best.

Hello Good Pie is located in the Mathallen, in the Grunnerloka neighborhood of Oslo.

Atmosphere & Service
The Mathallen is such a cool place that the atmosphere is perfect.  You can be meters away and you’ll notice the phenomenal smell of fresh baked pies wafting through the building.  Pies are served just minutes out of the oven.  Service was über friendly.  The staff is very knowledgeable about the ingredients and what’s in each pie.

The pies here are nothing but fantastic.  Pies are made from scratch each day and the crust is perfect.  We tried the Cheeseburger Pie which couldn’t have been any more authentic.  The fruit pies are seasonal and remind you of pies your mom used to make.  Pies are perfectly sized.  If you’re hungry you can easily devour one pie.  Pies are also easily shared.  Once you see all of these delicious options, you’ll want to take friends so you can share as many of the great varieties as you can with friends.

While there are many unique and great choices at Mathallen, you need to make sure you save room in your stomach to eat at Hello Good Pie!



Last modified: June 23, 2014