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Dang Coconut Chips

Do you love coconut?  Then Dang! you need to try Dang Coconut chips.  These things are awesome.  

We ran across the Dang Coconut Chips at Whole Foods about a month ago.  They’re now on our weekly shopping list.  Their vegan, actually fairly low in calories considering this is coconut after all.  A small handful is all you need to get a burst of toasted coconut taste.  Dang! coconut chips also work great on salads, mixed with raw fruit (especially spring strawberries) and also in granola or muesli.  Their packaged well, so they’re great to carry hiking or just about anywhere that you travel.

The thing we like about these most is their size.  To quote Baby Bear in Goldilocks, “They’re just right”.  Dang Coconut Chips look just like the photo on the package.  They’re about an inch long and 1/4′ wide, so they’re easy to grab and aren’t messy.  They’re very crispy, not chewy like other coconut pieces.  We have yet to try the Caramel Sea Salt version, but if they’re half as good as the plain, woohoo!

You can order Dang Coconut Chips on Amazon or you can find a store near you by clicking here.


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