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Herkimer Coffee – Seattle

7320 Greenwood Ave N
5611 University Way NE
901 Dexter Avenue N
Seattle, WA


Herkimer Website

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 Right up front, in the interest of full disclosure, we’ve never stepped foot in any of the Herkimer coffee locations.  But, we know their coffee is some of the best you can get.

We first had Herkimer espresso at Crema here in Denver.  We were hooked.  We instantly became an online customer.  Herkimer coffee spends more time in our espresso machine than any other espresso.  The flavor is amazing.  We always get their standard espresso, which they describe as “layers of flavor and texture starting with a sweet meyer lemon acidity, black cherry and marionberry fruitiness in deep tamarind chocolate liqour with spicy cardamom, clove and fresh tobacco mixed in.  Bridging the gap between the old world and new with direct source relationships, high elevation coffees, and blending for balance in a complete espresso.”

Don’t wait till you make a trip to Seattle to try Herkimer.  Just order it online now.  You won’t be disappointed.

Last modified: March 29, 2014