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Espresso Sosta Bar – Stockholm


Sveavägen 84
113 50 Stockholm, Sweden

T-bana:  Radsmangatan

+46 8 612 13 49

Sosta Website

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Just a very short distance from the Radsmangatan subway stop, Espresso Sosta Bar is an amazing little cafe.  It’s a small narrow building, so be careful not to miss it.  The espresso here is the best by far in Stockholm.

The cafe has no seats, so you can either stand at the bar and enjoy your espresso, or during warmer weather, sit out front on small tables in front.  But don’t stop at just espresso.  They have an amazing dessert selection, as well as a few alcoholic drinks as well.  The service here is uber friendly and everyone here is very knowledgeable about espresso.

Espresso Sosta needs to be one of your first stops if you’re in Stockholm.  Oh and bring cash.  Sosta doesn’t take credit cards.

Last modified: March 29, 2014