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Espresso House – Stockholm

Multiple Locations
Stockholm, Sweden

Espresso House Website

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Espresso House is the Starbucks of the Nordic area.  Outnumbering Starbucks by about 35 to 1, Espresso House seems to be everywhere in Sweden and a handful of stores in Norway as well.

Espresso House is a lot like Starbucks.   It not only offers many different types of espresso and coffee, but also a wide array of coffee based drinks both cold and hot.  Stores look very similar.  Some aren’t even a block apart.  You can also get a wide array of pastries, sandwiches and other food as well.  Espresso House also sells a wide variety of beans and coffee related supplies.

Espresso House is decent.  The espresso and coffee aren’t half bad and with multiple locations, it’s certainly convenient.  While, we’d normally prefer stopping in at a local espresso bar or coffee shop, you can’t go overly wrong at Espresso House.


Last modified: March 29, 2014