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The Plain – Singapore

50 Craig Rd
Tanjong Pajara

MRT Station:  Tanjong Pajara or Outram Pk

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We’re not exactly sure how this coffee and breakfast place came up with it’s name, but it was definitely our favorite. Located on an unassuming street, near the “hill”, it’s definitely a bit off the beaten path. But a lot of people find there way here, especially expats living in Singapore.

The Plain serves Genovese coffee from Melbourne, Australia.  The Genovese family personally tastes each batch of beans after they’re roasted to ensure quality control.  The Plain is one of the few places outside of Australia that serves Genovese coffee.  It’s excellent and you’ll love it.

It may look a bit small from the outside, but there are plenty of tables, along with a comfy couch and chairs near the window where you can people watch. In addition to great coffee, they also have a pretty extensive breakfast and lunch menu, too. The service here is out of the ordinary for the typical coffee shop. They’ll come to your table or come to you if you’re waiting in line to take your order. This place excels at friendly service. You can tell they’re good at what they do, as many of their customers are “regulars”.

As with most popular places, you’ll want to go early. And, this place is popular with families, so be prepared for little kids.


Last modified: March 29, 2014