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Black Canyon Coffee – Thailand

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Locations throughout Thailand

Also locations in Singapore, Dubai, Myanmar, Cambodia
Phillipines, Malaysia, Indonesia and Laos

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We first tried Black Canyon Coffee in the Bangkok airport on our first trip to Thailand about 9 years ago.  Once we tried it, we knew it was a great place for coffee.  Since then, Black Canyon has gone through a lot of changes.  They’ve opened a lot more locations in Thailand and closed some in other areas.  

Black Canyon Coffee has evolved into being similar to a Starbucks type of chain.  In addition to the typical basic coffee and espresso, they serve many varieties of coffee-based drinks .  They also serve various varieties of tea, fruit smoothies, juices and more.  So, it’s not really your typical type of true espresso cafes.  But, that aside, service is always friendly and the coffee is very good.

Most of Black Canyon locations are franchised, so it’s a good idea to verify that the location is still open before you make a special trip to one.

Last modified: March 29, 2014